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SHAWL is covering my HEAD instead of my BRAIN ♥

He might have million of flaws, sometimes he may act stupid, behave like sengal-sengal. No one in this world can beat him ♥

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To get fresh air .

Sometimes i want to go far away from here.
Sometimes i want to get out from my world.
Sometimes i want to leave all persons i have now.
Sometimes i want to forget all i have.
I just want to start a new life.

Do you ever had this feeling? The feeling of unwanted. The feeling of want somethings new. It is sad sometimes to remember what we've been through before. Who is always be beside us. Who is always support us. And the most important is, the feeling of love and lost that we have. We dont want to lose someone and at the same time, we want something new. Yes you can call me selfish. I'm deserve it.

I want to starts my life all over again. I want to open the new book. I dont want to feel sad. I just want to go somewhere where it can lose all my pain before. Yes i'm happy with my life now. But i'm human. Yes i'm greedy human. And who know, my friends in future will be terrible and arent good as my friends now. I'm afraid to face the future. But i know, i have to.